Ce cărți am luat pe insula mea pustie

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Când am plecat am luat cu mine 900 de volume în limba română, practic o bibliotecă întreagă, într-un kindle. Am luat însă și două cărți pe hârtie, la care n-am putut renunța.

Poveștile Contesei de Segur  – pentru că e singura carte din care mi-o amintesc pe mama citindu-mi. Și Crăiasa Zăpezii, ediția ilustrată de Vladyslav Yerko.

Aceasta din urmă are o istorie drăguță. Pe care am apucat ieri să o scriu, pentru că în septembrie nu mai găseam cartea în cutiile mele din beci și l-am rugat pe Laur să o comande încă o dată. Până la urmă, chiar înainte de plecare am găsit și exemplarul meu. Al doilea nu mai sosea, banii însă fuseseră trași de pe card, ne cam luaserăm gândul de la ea. A fost o ediție limitată, tipărită în limba engleză pentru o organizație de caritate, în urmă cu mulți ani, existau șanse bune să se fi epuizat.  Ei bine, ieri a sosit. Cu tot cu un mesaj de scuze și o invitație să spunem de ce ne trebuia fix cartea asta.

Am scris povestea noastră și i-am trimis-o lui Mary. V-o las și vouă aici, în engleză, așa cum am expediat-o ieri, pentru că mi-am dat seama că în sfârșit am răspuns la întrebarea “Ce cărți ai lua cu tine pe o insulă pustie”.

“Dear Mary,

My husband, Laurentiu Petre, just got the copy you have sent on december 1st and we were both thrilled. We have quite a history with this book, so here it goes:
I am a children’s books author. My first book was published in 2009 but in 2008 I was looking for an illustrator for my stories. This is how I found about Vladyslav Yerko and I absolutely fell in love with his work. I wanted to order the book. As I was living in Romania at the time, its’ price was quite prohibitive for me, and the best book store didn’t have it, not even for 75 lei. So you can understand how much that is, I will tell you that at the time I was earning 2000 lei a month so that was quite a sum for one book. But I am a book lover so I started looking for it. I even blogged about it.
I enrolled on a waiting list for it. And later that year, my best friend, also the godmother of my first daughter, bought it as a Christmas present at a book fair in Bucharest, for half of the listed price. It had been on display and it was a little bit worn out but it was there! I was thrilled. It was meant to be a gift for Irina, but as she was too little to understand the text in English, we spent hours looking at the pictures. I loved every detail and enjoyed it so much, I decided it was too precious a book to leave in Irina’s care.
I used to move a lot when I lived in Romania. The heaviest things to move were of course my several hundred books. In 2010 I have decided I should keep them in boxes until we’ll own a house and build a proper library for all of them. The snowqueen remained in a box.
In 2013 we have decided to move to Canada. You can imagine that not many books fit in two suitcases that you have to pack the most important things in your life. But I wanted to get the Snow Queen with me, no matter what. I was ready to put it in my handbag and have it on the plane. But I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was heartbroken.
My husband went through all 7 boxes of books, it wasn’t there. So I asked him to order another copy. He did that in September. I was hoping to find it in our new house in Canada. But then time went by and there was no sign of the new book.
I went on line and I found out about the application for iPad. I bought it instantly, with my last paycheck in Romania. I was in tears when I started playing with it, marveling at all the features that you guys have included in the app.
Just the day before we left Romania, I went one more time through the boxes and found my old copy. So I did take it with me. Although we have posted about 70 kilograms of children’s books that I couldn’t live behind, the SnowQueen and the Fairytales of the Segur Countess were the only two books I brought for me. They are on my nightstand in this new life, among the first things I have unpacked.
We weren’t hoping to get the new copy anymore. It’s been more than three months now, and although the credit card was charged, there was nothing in the mail. I knew chances were the limited edition of this book would be sold now, so we kind of forgot about it. But today the second copy arrived and I am so happy to have it, too. Now I might give one of them to the kids!
If you have Vladyslav Yerko’s e-mail, please forward this story to him. Tell him an obscure writer from Romania was so in love with his book that took it accross the ocean, to this deserted island that her new life is now. “
Voi ce cărți ați lua cu voi pe o insulă pustie?

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  1. Raluca

    Jurnalul lui Malte Laurids Brigge a lui Rilke, Jurnalul lui Sebastian (dragul de el) si Panza de paianjen a Cellei

  2. Raluca

    si Dragostea in vremea holerei a lui Marquez!

  3. Magda

    Zânele din Valea Cerbului, copia mea veche, colorată, moștenită de la o prietenă.
    Orașul cu salcâmi. Accidentul, ediția veche a mamei, îmbrăcată in marochin albastru.
    Trei camarazi a lui Remarque.

  4. AnaZ

    Zorba Grecul de Nikos Kazantzakis si Micul Print, desigur.

  5. OMG, tu ai Povestile Contesei de Segur? Editia aia romaneasca?!!!! E una din putinele carti care mi-au marcat copilaria cand eram foarte mica, inainte sa apuc sa incep sa devorez carti la kilogram. Inca dinainte sa stiu citi o frunzaream, nici nu-ti imaginezi (de fapt cred ca iti imaginezi prea bine) ce sentimente mi-a plantat cartea aia… OMG!!! Imi trimiti te rog o poza pe FB? Doar asa, sa vad daca e aceeasi editie si sa-mi aduc aminte de vremuri imemoriale… 😀
    Si ce poveste frumoasa, ma bucur ca ne-ai postat-o si noua!

  6. mi s-a facut pielea de gaina

  7. Carti care mi-au marcat copilaria si pe care le-as lua pe o insula pustie? Malevil (Robert Merle); opera lui Jules Verne (daca ar trebui sa aleg doar una, poate Insula Misterioasa), Ciresarii (Constantin Chirita)… Ar fi cu sutele, taica-meu avea cea mai dotata biblioteca pe care am vazut-o vreodata la cineva acasa (intr-un apartament nenorocit de doua camere) si am devorat intotdeauna tot ce mi-a cazut la mana…

  8. ralu

    Din cartile copilariei, cele ale lui Ioan Dan: Curierul Secret, Cavalerii, Taina Cavalerilor, Cavalerii Ordinului Basarab.

    Dar cartea cea mai draga … Cei cinci oameni pe care ii intalnesti in rai – de Mitch Albom.

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