First grade problems – This Owen kid

13 Sep 2017 by

Day 2

“So, how was your day, love?”

“Not so good…”

“Why, babe, what happened?”

“This Owen kid…”


“There is this kid on the bus, his name is Owen.” 


“He asked me if I wanted to sit beside him on the bus all the time, and I said “Nnnnooot rrrrreaaaalllyyy” and he got sad, and now I am sad because he’s sad and it’s been a bad day. I broke his feelings. But I just don’t want to sit beside him. I want to sit with Maggie.”

Day 3

“How about today, love? Was today a good day?”

“No, mom, it wasn’t.”

“Why, darling, what happened this time?”

“This Owen kid, again.”  


“He keeps saying Lia, come sit here, come sit, come sit! And I don’t want to sit with him! I like Maggie. She reminds me of the other Maggie. She’s nice to me.” 

“But why don’t you want to sit with Owen, maybe just once”

“Mom! He’s a boy!” 

Lia, 6yo. 

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  1. Delia

    And boys are groooossssss :-)))) Cel putin deocamdata

    • Ada

      No, they’re not grossss(yet) they’re just different, mom, and they don’t have ponytails.


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