Happy Anniversary

24 Sep 2011 by

This one goes out to the ones we love and miss and cherish

Their story goes like this:

They met at work.

She parked in the wrong spot, he wanted her out of there.

He was in a hurry, she was really busy handling wedding cakes.

She didn’t really like his tone of voice, almost told him to f*ck off.

He kept smilling that professional smile everybody paints on their faces when they really feel like screaming.

It was Christmas Eve when he got down on his knee (he really did!) and revealed a bouquet of roses.

She said yes.

Everybody  there thought what he was really after was a visa. Everybody said it won’t last. He’s no good. She’s crazy to marry a Romanian, aren’t they all gypsies? Oh, he’s not even a genuine Romanian, he’s a quarter Armenian, a quarter Hungarian and two quarters Romanian. She must be out of her mind.

A few months later they got married in church. That was seven years ago.

She stood by his side when he was almost crippled. She embraced his family-from-far-away. She welcomed his friends. She taught him how to put the wallpaper and didn’t get killed in the process. He took her on a cruise. He taught her to bake apple pie Romanian Style and lots and lots of pots of soup – more soup than she ever cooked before. She loves him in sickness and in health. He does the dishes and cleans the house side by side with her. He still buys her flowers and fragrance and sometimes colorful earrings.

They bought a dog. They built a wonderful garden. They have a small plot where they grow their own veggies. Once every year they visit us and it’s like Christmas in July every time.

Happy Anniversary! We’re lucky to have you. We miss you and wish we were there.

All the best,



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  1. Squiko

    Congratulations and Many More Happy Anniversaries to Tracey and Marius! Mi-au dat lacrimile citind povestea dragostei lor…
    Frumos mai scrii tu draga Ada!

  2. alina

    What a beautiful story and what beautiful people they are!
    Happy anniversary to them! And many more and even happier to come!

  3. Tare frumos:) Sa va vedeti des:)

  4. Uite cum ma faci tu sa ies din carapace si sa citesc si sa ma stradui sa inteleg tot dintr-un un text in engleza…
    La multi ani! Cu multa sanatate si bucurii!

  5. marvic

    Multumim, in primul rand, fiicei noastre, Andreea, pentru cuvintele pline de caldura si dragoste. Apoi le multumim tuturor celor care au citit si au postat comentarii si urari pentru noi!
    Tracey si Marius .

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