Happy birthday, Dear Tracey, Happy Birthday to you

11 Jun 2013 by

dear TraceyHi, Mom, it’s too early to call you but it’s never too early to leave a note.

So, here it is:

Thank you for taking such a good care of the  baby elephant that snores close to you. It’s a blessing to know that the two of you are together.

Thank you for the patience you display to all of your kids and grandkids.

Thanks for the beautiful cardigans that you knitted over the years and for all the wonderful dresses that you chose for your granddaughters.

Thanks for the coffee vanilla cakes and the chocolate truffles and all the butterfly fairy cakes that you baked over the years.

Thanks for your laughter and for your singing and for the driving lessons and for the huge make-up case.

Thanks for helping me through my divorce. Thanks For sending me to the gym.

Thank you for being there at my wedding and for sewing the small pearl beads on my dress.

Thanks for all the rainbows that dance on my living-room walls, coming out of your crystal.

Thanks for that 20, you know which one.

Happy Birthday, Mom. Wish you were nearer.

 And an Irish song for our favorite Irish lady

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