Nu pot să nu vă împărtăşesc

23 Jul 2013 by

Prea frumos, prea frumos!
“Dear Your Highness Kate, [….] Expect to be the subject of much post-partum quarterbacking. For a start, will the future British monarch be breastfed? Exclusively? For how long? What if it doesn’t go well and you have to supplement with formula? Are we ready for a Sovereign who might suffer from nipple confusion? If the royal pacifier falls on the floor, will you or your designated representative suck it before returning it to the royal mouth in order to introduce good microbes? Or will it undergo a royal boil so as to be completely sterilized? Will the monarchical waste matter be deposited in cloth or disposable diapers? Later on, will the heir to throne be given the requisite 10,000 hours or training so he or she can be truly proficient at being majestic, or will he or she be guided toward unstructured play, to ensure normality? These may not be decisions you’ve formed a committee to consider. Not to worry, one will be formed for you.”

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