Primele 3 zile din august

1 Aug 2013 by


“I remember the first time wearing this thinking that there was a slightly disturbing, unsettling note to this fragrance; unusual to say the least. It may be the juniper berry traveling down to the cedar and patchouli, but about 15 minutes into wearing I could not help noticing that the overarching effect of the scent was that it smelled as if you had just had sex. Many friends male and female have attested to the same reaction. That being said, it seems like this is one those fragrances that smells different to others that to the wearer. Women and men cannot keeps their hands off me when wearing this and DEMAND to know the fragrance. Though they are made with “essential” oils I think most people (myself included) aren’t used to such earthy, primal fragrances.”




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  1. cristiana

    habar nu am, dar mor de curiozitate sa aflu 😀

  2. Andreea

    Parfum de dragoste nebuna 🙂 .

  3. Ceva cu feromoni? :-))))

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